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Beta Alanine – Product Overview

Beta Alanine is a supplement that is found in many pre-workout mixes. It is used to help prevent muscle fatigue and boost energy. It does this by fighting the acid buildup in muscles. Boy does this product work. You can feel the effects of beta-alanine soon after you consume it. It’s exactly what you need get the blood pumping and ready to go hard in the gym or on a run or whatever you decide to do for exercise.

In my experience with Beta Alanine, the product starts working immediately. I take it about twenty minutes before I go to the gym so that by the time I get there I can have a boost of energy to start me off strong. It’s exactly what I need to motivate myself to go to the gym on a consistent basis.

It is important to know the recommended dosage of this product and make sure to measure it properly when mixing your pre-workout supplement. If you exceed the recommended dose, you may experience tingling sensations throughout your body. That’s the only disclaimer with this product. You have the option to use whatever dose you want, but just be aware of what will happen.

This is a pure Beta Alanine product. There are no additional ingredients which is why it works so well. It dissolves quickly in the mixture and is absorbed well when digested. This promotes the muscle endurance you need to push yourself harder during your workouts and allows you to last longer for more sets. This builds more muscle over time because this supplement leads to better performance and you’ll be lifting more weight for more sets than you would if you weren’t taking.

Beta Alanine is one of the secrets’ fitness enthusiasts use to promote more muscle growth and make themselves stronger. If you’re experiencing a plateau in your current fitness results, I encourage you to give this a try if you haven’t already. Or if you’re just starting to workout and want to hit the ground running and get a head start over those who don’t start supplementing with Beta Alanine, this is a great supplement for you.

And all the claims made by Beta Alanine are backed by scientific research.

Energy at a Low Cost

If you look at other brands selling just Beta Alanine, you’ll find that you’ll be paying more for less. I have found a few products for around twenty dollars that only give you a measly thirty servings. That’s crazy! At that rate you’ll be spending twenty dollars a month (because the scientific research says that you should be taking Beta Alanine every day, even when you don’t workout, to achieve the best results) which two-hundred and forty dollars a year!Beta-Alanine-Bulk-Supplements

For less twenty dollars at Bulk Supplements you can get two-hundred and fifty grams of Beta Alanine. With the recommended dosage at five-hundred milligrams a day, you’re looking at five-hundred servings! That seems like a no brainer to anyone looking to get the benefits of supplementation while saving money.

Works Better When Paired With Creatine

When looking at the benefits of supplementing with creatine and compare them to the benefits of supplementing with Beta Alanine, it is evident that the two supplements complement each other. The increase in energy and muscle mass from creatine goes well with the muscle endurance of Beta Alanine. These two supplements combined are what bodybuilders use to continue to get stronger and leaner (not counting the bodybuilders using steroids too).

Scientific research has even showed that Beta Alanine will amplify the effects of creatine. It has also shown that those who supplement with both Beta Alanine and creatine have better overall results when building strength and muscle mass, than those who supplement with either creatine or Beta Alanine individually.

This is just a side note about Beta Alanine. It isn’t required to take it with creatine, it’s just advised. You’ll receive the benefits of either supplement if you’re consuming them on a consistent basis.

My Experience – Pins and Needles!

When I was doing all of my research on which pre-workout supplements to get to mix together, I came across Beta Alanine. It seemed a little too good to be true, but I found it for pretty cheap on Bulk Supplements. I thought I’d just give it a try and if I wasn’t satisfied then I just wouldn’t buy it again. So I tried and boy did it work.

I could feel the increase in energy and blood flow throughout my body. I noticed that I could do more reps in each set while still maintaining proper form. In my experience this product is definitely worth at least a try, seeing as it is so cheap compared to other brands.

There was one time, though, when I used to the wrong measuring spoon when I was mixing together my pre-workout drink and I took too much Beta Alanine. This was an interesting experience because normally when you use Beta Alanine you start to feel a slight tingling sensation through your body is it starts working on clearing any acid build-up. When I took too much, this sensation radiated throughout my body and I felt like I had pins and needles coursing through my body! It was a very strange feeling and I’ll probably never make that mistake again. But I didn’t stop me from having a good workout.

Increase Your Endurance

With all the different brands of Beta Alanine on the market, it’s hard to decide which one to try. With the Bulk Supplements brand Beta Alanine you can try the product and see if you like it at a very cheap cost.

Now you can experience for yourself the muscle endurance it provides and why so many people choose to supplement with this product. I personally really enjoy using this product and will continue to use it.


I hope you enjoyed this review and If You Have Any Questions or Concerns about Beta Alanine Please Comment Below.

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