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BCAA-Bulk-SupplementsProduct: Branched-Chain Amino Acids

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Branched-Chain Amino Acids- Product Overview

Branched-Chain Amino Acids should (hopefully) be found in most of the premixed pre-workout supplement drinks. If it isn’t, then that brand needs to do a little more research into this product. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that at all because you’re choosing to take your supplementation into your own hands by mixing it together yourself.

BCAA’s are known for promoting muscle growth. They do this by helping to build the protein you consume (you need to be consuming lots of protein if you’re consistently working out) as your muscles recover after your workouts. When taking BCAA’s you can relax knowing that all of your effort is paying off and your supplementation is helping your body achieve the best results.

Increased protein synthesis goes hand-in-hand with preventing muscle breakdown. When you’re working out a lot, you may find that your body will start to use the stored energy in your muscles to provide support for your frequent exercising. This is especially true if you’re ever cutting your calories to initiate a cutting phase to try to lose your excess fat. We don’t want our hard work going to waste by our bodies eating away at our muscles. That’s why BCAA’s are an essential pre-workout supplement to help prevent this from happening.

Another benefit of BCAA’s is that they prevent muscle fatigue to allow you to push yourself harder in your workouts and decrease muscle soreness after your workouts. This will help to push you to go harder during your workouts by doing more sets or lifting more weight; thus, increase your muscle size and strength over a shorter period of time, compared to exercising without BCAA’s.

A Product That Saves

By purchasing your BCAA’s from Bulk Supplements you’ll be able to get a large quantity for a little price. A hundred grams costs less than thirteen dollars. This can last you over a month, depending on how often you take it each day. Other pre-workout supplements only provide around thirty to forty-eight servings per container (at a much higher cost). Other brands might not even have the right amount of BCAA’s per serving or even the right product. It is important to know how big the servings size with each brand of pre-workout. Bulk Supplements recommends taking 1500mg three times a day. If a pre-workout brand doesn’t provide you with that much per serving, then you might be paying more money for less product.

At Creatine Creations we want you get the best products at the cheapest price because we want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve the best results possible. The benefits of supplementation shouldn’t be an obstacle that only those with lots of money can overcome. Branched-Chain Amino Acids from Bulk Supplements can provide you with a good quality product at a low price that will last you a long time.

Consuming BCAA’s via other pre-workouts will get you up to around forty-eight servings (or more if you’re willing to give up the cash). Consuming BCAA’s via energy drinks costs around $2 or more per drink or per serving. These expenses can really add up. By purchasing even the smallest quantity of BCAA’s from Bulk Supplements, which is sold at $12.96, you will get a package that can last you for months (depending on how often you take them, of course).

Complement BCAA’s Benefits With Other Supplements

Branched-Chain Amino Acids can work well with other supplements. The increased protein synthesis and muscle endurance pairs from BCAA’s well with the bursts of energy and increase in muscle mass from Creatine and Beta Alanine. The combinations are endless, really, because Bulk Supplements has many products and supplements that you can try at a low cost. They will offer discounts to frequent customers too and offer free samples. For example, I got to pick from natural fat-burning pills and got to try one for free after I had renewed my Creatine HCl, BCAA’s, and Beta Alanine supplements with them for the second time. I just picked it and they sent it to me.

That way you have the freedom to try to experiment with different products to find which ones work best for your body and fitness goals.

My Experience

Due to the fact that I’m still a college student I needed to find products to supplement with at a low cost. That’s what motivated me to do my research and learn about Bulk Supplements. They’ve provided me with great quality products that last me for months at a time; thus, lowering many of my otherwise expensive expenses.

When I learned about BCAA’s I knew that I needed to incorporate them into my fitness routine. All of my life I have had a very high metabolism. This means that I need to consume many calories each day or else my body doesn’t function properly. Sometimes, especially in college, I would have days when I didn’t or couldn’t eat enough maintain my athletic lifestyle. I would also sometimes initiate a cutting phase to decrease some of my body fat by doing burning more calories than I was consuming. This would then cause my body to eat away at my muscle to use for energy. On days like this I could see all of my hard work slowly dissipating. I also would sometimes get really sick, fail to eat, and achieve a similar result.

With BCAA’s I can combat this process because they help prevent muscle breakdown. It obviously can’t completely prevent it if you’re just starving yourself, but it can help when you fall a few hundred calories short, or when you’re working really hard on building muscle and burning fat.

There Are Many Options for BCAA’s – See if this is the one for you

There are other BCAA products out there but I have yet to find one that offers a high quantity for a low price. BCAA’s from Bulk Supplements is a great starting point to see if this is supplement you want to incorporate into your pre-workout drink. If you like it but want an even higher quality product then move on to that. If you’re content with the low price and large quantity then stick with it. Even if you try it and don’t like it then you can always just stop and allow those thirteen dollars to educate you on which pre-workout supplements are the best for you.

The benefits of taking BCAA’s are endless and can really boost your workout routines, your results, and your overall health.


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