Creatine HCl- A Higher Quality Supplement

Creatine HCl Solubility

Creatine HCl Solubility
There are different types of creatine out there in the marketplace, and they are not created equally. Creatine HCl is at the forefront of the creatine spectrum when it comes to quality and effectiveness. The “HCl” portion of the creatine comes from combining hydrochloride with the creatine in order to enhance its stability and solubility. Creatine HCl is known to dissolves faster when mixed with water and as it travels through the intestines. This allows for better absorption in the body which greatly limits the amount of creatine that’s wasted when it is digested.

Creatine HCl is well worth switching to, so that you can experience the full potential that creatine has to offer.

Importance of Solubility

The hydrochloride that is attached to the creatine is what helps it dissolves faster and more effectively in water. This makes it easier to mix and consume when you’re making your pre-workout drinks. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal or important but it truly is impressive how quickly this dissolves in water. It dissolves completely. That means that you don’t have to worry about anything being wasted. There are no pieces or particles left over in the cup, so you’re consuming the whole dosage. Again, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is nice to know that you’re getting your money’s worth with this product because all the creatine is being put to use.

The solubility is also important because it helps prevent the intestines from pulling in water to help with the absorption. People have complained that Creatine causes them to retain water and make them feel bloated. Creatine HCl is supposed to not have this side effect.

When it comes to getting fit and looking cut and lean, you don’t want your results affected by being bloated and retaining water. Creatine HCl can help prevent this from happening, while providing the benefits of supplementing with Creatine.

No Pre-Loading Phase

I’ve stated in previous posts that when you’re first starting to take creatine, you want to pre-load by taking more than the recommended dosage to get it in your system. With Creatine HCl, you don’t necessarily have to do that. This is because the creatine is better absorbed during digestion. Studies have shown that Creatine HCl is absorbed 60% more effectively in the intestines than other types of creatine.

My goal is to help you save money throughout your fitness journey. There’s a disclaimer that Creatine HCl is slightly more expensive (by merely a few dollars) than other types of creatine. That is obviously because it is a higher quality product and is more effective. A counter to this, however, is that you will be able to consume smaller amounts of it compared to alternative products.

Clearly this shows that you will be able to make it last longer and not buy it as frequently. In the long run, you might actually be able to save money by using this product. But that is completely dependent on the amount that you choose to take, how often you take it, and the amount of creatine you originally buy (it’s cheaper per ounce when you buy larger quantities).

One Downside: Not as Much Research

There is a small downside that I have found, and that I have to be honest about. There isn’t quite as much scientific research on Creatine HCl as there is on other types of Creatine. Most of the research on the effects of creatine alone are done using Creatine Monohydrate.

The assumption with this however, is that Creatine HCl is a higher quality Creatine, meaning that all the benefits and effects of Creatine are present with Creatine HCl. The research has mainly focused on the absorption rate in the body and solubility. Having the increased energy and muscle growth caused by creatine, with a more effective absorption rate, is why Creatine HCl is regarded as higher quality and overall better supplement.

Okay, one more downside: Taste

There is one more small downside to Creatine HCl, that can be easily fixed.

It tastes TERRIBLE. I advise to not drink it straight, unless you’re interested experiencing the full raw-power of a bitter-citrus-sour taste that will make you convulse and shudder. This sounds frightening, I know, but like many problems there is always a solution, and this solution is pretty simple: add a mixer to your pre-workout.

I will go more in depth on this phenomenon later on. But adding a better tasting ingredient will do wonders for your pre-workout drinks.

Personal Experience

When I first started supplementing in college, I began with a cheaper Creatine. I didn’t know about dosages, so I started small. Once I learned that I needed to pre-load with this cheaper Creatine, I did just that. That was when I started getting the stomachaches and bloated look. I noticed my boosted energy levels in the gym, and the increase in muscle mass because of it, but my results were thwarted when I would feel uneasy and gross.

I became frustrated when I felt like I was putting in the work and not seeing the right results. I wanted a lean look, and I really wanted my abs to show. I was doing ab workouts consistently, and I could feel my abs under my skin. I ate right and put in the work, but my abs still wouldn’t show.

I didn’t realize that the bloating was a side effect of the Creatine I was taking, until a friend of mine mentioned that he stopped taking the supplement because of this effect. So I looked into this more, and I found that many other people experienced the same thing. Then I found that many of these people made the switch to Creatine HCl.

So I tried it for myself, and I’ve never gone back. To this day I still use Creatine HCl for its effectiveness and solubility. I no longer feel bloated when I take it and I’m able to still receive the benefits of Creatine as a workout supplement.

Upgrade to Creatine HCl

If you’re unhappy with the effects you’re experiencing with alternative Creatine products I would encourage you to make the switch to Creatine HCl. Give it a try to experience the full effectiveness of Creatine products without the negative side effects.

If you’re looking to start supplementing your workouts, learn from my — and many others’ — mistakes and start out using the right Creatine product and hit the ground running on your fitness journey.


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