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It is our goal on this website to find you the best ingredients to supplement your workouts at a low cost. We want to show you an alternative to supplementation where you can mix together your own pre-workout drinks. This saves money and allows you to be in complete control of your dosage and intake consistency. I’ve provided a few options at a very low price at large quantities. Now I’ve found a Creatine HCl that offers a higher quality creatine at a slightly higher price. This product has lots of scientific research to back up its own claims as well as all the other research compiled over the years on creatine as a workout supplement.

Pro-Mera sports has a patented Creatine HCl blend that uses a term called “Micro-Dosing”. The company is also well-known in the fitness industry as many professional weight lifters are sponsored by them and swear by the Pro Mera Creatine HCl, as well as their many other products.

What is Micro-Dosing?

Pro-Mera Sports has a patented Creatine HCl brand that incorporates, what they call, “Micro-Dosing”. If you’ve read my previous articles and reviews of alternative Creatine HCl products, you’ll know about the benefits of this type of creatine and why it is different from others. If you haven’t read them I’ll provide a brief breakdown of what the benefits are right now.

Creatine HCl is a highly soluble product that dissolves almost instantly into any liquid you put it in. It rapidly dissolves not only in water but also into the bloodstream when consumed. This means that very little of the creatine is wasted through digestion and your body will absorb the proper amount each time you take it. Pro-Mera Sports throws some shade at alternative creatine brands, like creatine monohydrate by showing scientific studies that reveal that, on average, only 9% of the creatine is actually dissolved within your system. This means that a lot of the creatine monohydrate is wasted; therefore, in order to receive the best results you must consume more than the recommended amount and begin your supplementation with pre-loading.

It also allows for you to receive all the perks of supplementing with creatine without any negative side effects like bloating and an uneasy stomach. When using other types of creatine you’ll have to consume more to achieve its full potential; thus, dealing with more side effects.

Overall, Creatine HCl by Pro-Mera Sports is a creatine that is pure and concentrated so that you can receive more when consuming less. This allows you to take control over your supplementation by providing Creatine HCl as an individual ingredient. That way you can mix together your own pre-workout and save money by avoiding the pre-made pre-workout mixes.

If you aren’t interested in mixing your own pre-workout or if you just want to make things even easier for yourself, you have the option to purchase this Creatine HCl in capsule form. Then before your workout you can pop a few pills and receive the benefits all the same.

Higher Quality Product But at a Higher Cost

I do have to point out that this is slightly more expensive when compared to other brands of Creatine HCl that I’ve reviewed on this website. This is in part because it’s more of a well-known brand but it is also because of the pure creatine that is provided. They have evidence of the solubility when compared to other products and there are other articles and studies provided on the web page that explain why this product is so pure and of a higher quality.

Better Taste!

When looking at the Creatine HCl on Pro-Mera Sports, you’ll see that you can choose from an assortment of flavors. If you’ve read my other articles you’ll know that I recommend (and personally use) water-enhancers when mixing together a pre-workout. By trying the Creatine HCl by Pro-Mera Sports that step is taken out completely and rendered unnecessary. You can choose between lemon-lime, raspberry, and pineapple. Or you can go for the unflavored powder and use a water-enhancer of your choosing.

By choosing this option you can save a little time (every second counts!) when mixing together your pre-workout drink.

Explore the Pro-Mera Platform!

Pro-Mera Sports has so much to offer to anyone involved with fitness! I’ve read through a few articles to try to learn more about the research on creatine but there’s so much more. At a quick glance I found meal plans, workout plans, blog posts, training goals, etc. These are meant to supplement your MIND so that you can continue to grow and learn more about proper training and nutrition. This will for sure help you to achieve your fitness goals.

There are also many other products on the website. I personally prefer to mix my own pre-workout supplements together and the whole point of this website is to encourage everyone to buy their own ingredients and make their own pre-workout to save some money. But if you’re interested in just trying a pre-workout that’s already mixed together and portioned a certain way, then this website is definitely one to check out. There are many types of actual pre-workouts that cater towards your fitness goals like strength, mass, fat-burning, or a special section dedicated specifically towards women.

Dissolve Your Creatine, Not Your Wallet!

In comparison to other pre-workout supplements, this product is still mildly cheap. It can last you about a month if you take it consistently and provides all the scientifically proven benefits of Creatine HCl without any negative side effects. Then you can continue to build strength and increase mass without having to worry about the effects that supplementation has on your bank account.

Feel free to navigate this website and learn more about different pre-workout supplements and how you can save money by building your own pre-workout drink.


I hope you enjoyed this review and If You Have Any Questions or Concerns about Creatine HCl Please Comment Below.

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