How To Get Pre-Workout Supplements for Cheap

Cheaper-Preworkout-OptionsThe cost to get fit is pretty high. You have to buy the right foods that provide the best source of nutrition, you have to pay for a gym membership, and you have to buy your supplements. If you’re buying brand-name supplements you might be paying top dollar for stuff you don’t even need, and I want to help you. If you’re just starting to look for supplements, I admire your desire to find the cheapest and best options and I want to help you too.

I’m here to tell that you there is an alternative option to supplementing that will provide you with the right ingredients– potentially better ingredients– at a cheaper cost.

Here’s how to do it.

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Buying Individual Ingredients

I have found that it is much cheaper to buy your pre-workout supplements individually than to buy a pre-made pre-workout. This is mainly because the brand name supplements fluff up their product with ingredients you don’t even necessarily need. Many supplement brands use different ingredients to add flavor or sweetness to their blend, that aren’t the healthiest things. They also add coloring and dyes to change the color of the powder. Both of which are completely unnecessary and only pose a health concern.

When you buy the individual ingredients, you not only pay for what you need, but you’re taking control over the dosage too. This results in a cheaper initial cost, but it also means that the product has the potential to last longer. This obviously is dependent on how often the product is used and how much is consumed.

Buy In Bulk

When you buy a larger package of a supplement, the company selling the product usually offers a discount when a larger quantity is purchased. Chances are you’re going to be consistently using the product, and fitness is a year-long commitment. So it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead and invest a little more now to save even more later.

Logically, once you’ve used all of the product you’re going to want to order more as soon as possible to continue to see the best results. Buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run, and it also saves time by giving you more of the supplement to use before (and potentially after) your workouts.

Not to mention the psychology of this investment. Similar to purchasing a monthly gym membership or workout equipment, when your hard-earned money is invested you’re more likely to continue with a certain behavior to not have your money go to waste. This means that if you purchased a large bag of creatine, you’re going to want to continue to use it so that it doesn’t go waste. Which leads to increased energy levels and muscle mass, which leads to spikes in motivation to go to gym, which leads to better results.

Mixing the Supplements Yourself

When you decide on which pre-workout supplements you need and which will best benefit your fitness journey, you can then mix them together on your own. Like I said before, this gives you the control over the dosage of each supplement to ensure that you’re getting the proper amount. Overall, this is a cheaper option because you’re only paying for what you need and want.

Basic pre-workout supplements are typically cheap on their own. They don’t cost very much to make, and that’s part of the reason why pre-workout brands are so successful. They’re profit margins must be insane!

So don’t let them take advantage of you any longer!

Make sure you’re getting the right ingredients which ironically are the cheaper ingredients.

Compare Prices- You Get What You Pay For

It is important to find different companies or brands that sell the individual supplements to see what each company has to offer. Some might provide a higher quality product at a slightly more expensive cost and others might be the opposite. This is where you can decide which supplements you want to incorporate into your pre-workout and which ones are within your price range.

Websites like Amazon are good for comparing prices, but individual companies have their own websites where you can see different prices and reviews to determine what is going to be the best option.

Why I Made the Switch

I knew from the beginning of my fitness journey that I wasn’t going to be able to afford to buy brand-name pre-workouts consistently. But I also knew that I needed to supplement to see the best results. I found the ingredients I needed, that suited me best, and bought enough to where I can drink a pre-workout drink with all of my supplements before every workout.

These bags of ingredients will last me months, and I’m able to maintain consistent doses. I’ve seen many brand-name pre-workout supplements that have around thirty servings, and you might even need to consume two serving sizes to get the right amount in your system.

In my experience, this is by far the cheapest option for those who are looking to receive the benefits of supplements and don’t mind doing a tiny bit of extra work. You just to measure out the correct amount each time, get some water, and gently stir the mixture together before drinking it.

It may not be as easy as throwing a few scoops of powder into a shaker bottle and frantically shake it, but it is well worth it.

Save Money, Get Gains

Do not let the barrier of cost get in the way achieving your fitness goals. There are simple solutions, and we at Creatine Creations want to help overcome these obstacles.

Start by buying your own ingredients and mixing your own pre-workout supplements at a much cheaper cost, by using only what you need. Incorporate this into your new healthy living routine and start seeing the results immediately.

Once you start, you won’t want to stop.

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