How to Make Your Own Pre-Workout – with Creatine Creations


I’ve expressed a number of times that there is the option of creating your own pre-workout supplement so that you can receive the benefits of supplementation at a cheaper cost with better ingredients.

Now I want to take the time to coach you through the process of doing that through this website. It’s very simple. The different types of supplements that you might need are made available on this website through product reviews and overall posts concerning the specific pre-workout supplements.

Find the Right Products – Pick Your Creatine!

When you search through the products on this website using the “Start Creating” tab , you’ll find an assortment of common and popular pre-workout supplements. Within each product is the option to read our personal review. Make sure to do your research on all the pre-workout supplements on this page to see if they are the right fit for you.

The goal is to find the individual products that you want, and then buy them all so that you can mix the supplements together. This saves money in the long run.

I would advise making creatine your first choice when it comes building your pre-workout. It is the most common and effective pre-workout supplement, and will mix in with any other product. Starting with creatine as a base for your pre-workout is smart because it is the most researched supplement, and will help you achieve the best results. You can choose between creatine monohydrate and creatine HCl. These both have positive and negative aspects, with creatine HCl being the higher quality product.

Once you’ve found which creatine you’d like to use, then you can either return to this website to find the next product to use, or you can continue to search on the other website.

Browse the Websites

When you’re routed to the other websites, feel free to continue to browse. You might find something that you like or learn about a supplement that we haven’t touched on yet. The websites will offer hundreds of pre-workout supplements and products that you can look through.

Each product has its own high quality trustworthy ingredients. They all have scientific research and evidence to back up the claims that they provide. These websites are just another tool in your arsenal to take control over your supplementation and create your own product using only the ingredients that you want and need.

Learn about the Recommended Doses

Each product will offer a recommended dose depending on the supplement. It is important know what these doses are so that you can get an idea of how long the product will last and also to see which size you should get.

Typically I have found that the products I buy will last me a few months. This is partly because I won’t take the supplements if I’m not working out for that day. But it still shows that there are around sixty to ninety servings provided within the products (some products may run out before others). This is quite a lot, compared to other pre-workout brands that, in my experience, only provide around thirty servings for their base amount. Then if you’re wanting to get those sixty to ninety servings you have to fork over hundreds of dollars!

By buying your own ingredients, you have control over the amount that you take. There are recommended doses on the packaging of the products, but if you find some new information that suggests that a different dose is more effective, you have the power to do that! You don’t have to change the doses with all the other products, like you would with a pre-made pre-workout.

Don’t Forget Your Mixer!

It is crucial to your supplementation, if you’re making your own pre-workout, to incorporate something to mix with your drink. The ingredients themselves taste terrible, which is why pre-workout brands will load their mixes with artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and coloring to mask the taste of all the ingredients.

Mixers, however, are water enhancers that provide some benefits of their own (you can find my post about pre-workout mixers and their benefits here). These allow you to receive other important aspects of supplementation while avoiding the unhealthy ingredients that other pre-workout brands put in their supplement mix.

These are definitely a healthier option and they make your drinks taste great! You don’t want to buy your pre-workout ingredients without getting at least one of these to go with them.

Create Your Pre-Workout!

After you find all the ingredients you want, the next step is making your purchase. Once you’ve done that, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just created your own pre-workout ingredients that you can now mix on your own!

Now you can receive the benefits of supplementing your diet and your workouts, at a lower cost, while using only the ingredients you need. You no longer have to rely on other brands to provide the mixes for you.

Don’t forget to let your friends and colleagues know how you achieved your results when they start noticing.

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