The Benefits of Fish Oil as a Supplement


At Creatine Creations, we are all about building your own pre-workout drink using your individually bought supplements, but there are other types of supplements that you don’t need to mix with water. Fish oil is one of these supplements that, when incorporated into your diet on a daily basis, can offer many benefits not only in the weight room, but also for your overall health.

The benefits of fish oil seem like an endless list. It appears to impact almost every aspect of your body positively and helps fight a number of diseases which means that it is a good dietary supplement for everyone, even if you aren’t involved with fitness. My goal, though, is to focus on some benefits that supplementing with fish oils provides when incorporated with healthy fitness habits.

You’ll find that fish oil has similar benefits to other supplements that you should be supplementing with, which means that combining the two will provide DOUBLE the results.

It is possible to receive the proper amount of the Omega 3’s without taking fish oil pills, but you’d have to consuming lots of avocados, fish, and nuts and even then you might fall short of the recommended amount. That’s where the simplicity and ease of receiving these nutrients via pill form comes into place, to ensure that you’re consuming the proper amount on a consistent basis.

Fat Loss – The Missing Link in Your Nutrition

Although this is a fatty acid, there have been many scientific studies to test the effects of fish oil on fat loss. There was a study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” where subjects were either given six grams of fish oil a day or nothing. The results found that those who consumed the fish oil for twelve weeks ending up losing 1.2% body fat.

We all know how difficult it is to lose body fat, and it can be especially frustrating when you’re working hard and aren’t seeing the results you might have hoped for. Fish oil could be the little edge you need to push past a certain body-fat percentage.

Obviously it isn’t a miracle pill that does all the work for you. But by combining the consistent consumption of fish oil you might find the missing variable to your fitness equation, when you add it along with proper nutrition, a decent amount of cardio, consistent weight training, proper sleep, and proper supplementation.

I have to say that when I first started weight training, I made it my goal to be able to see my abs after three months, or so, of weight training. I worked on eating the right things and finding the right supplements to use, and I did incorporate fish oils and multivitamins. I have to say that all of these aspects were in check, I would feel really good and have productive workouts.

The fish oil definitely helped with the fat loss as well as the other things that I have listed below.

Less Inflammation = Less Injuries

When you’re working out consistently, overtime you become more at risk for joint issues. This can have a hindrance on your ability to lift more weight because your joints will become more tender and painful when lifting these weights. It can also limit your range of motion, which can cause pain and prevent you from performing an exercise properly. Proper form is essential to achieving the best results from weight lifting, and fish oil can provide what you need to combat this.

Research on fish oil has shown that it will help reduce this inflammation to fight against these injuries and issues. It can increase the blood flow to muscles to help them be less tired and sore. It is also shown to reduce joint pain all together.

Healthy Heart

High blood pressure is a common occurrence in the bodybuilding world. This is due to all the strain and continuous activity that bodybuilders will put on their body. It is also due to the excessive amounts of red meats consumed, which have links to high blood pressure. Fish oil is proven to lower high blood pressure; thus, helping to prevent other illnesses like heart disease.

This next bit, in it of itself, is a very crucial aspect of the benefits of supplementing with fish oils. They help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These include heart attacks and strokes. Reducing this risk can be helpful to everyone, but for those looking to stay healthy and continue to lift weights, heart health is essential and fish oils can provide that and much more.

Protein Synthesis

If you know a little about other pre-workout supplements, you’ll know that Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are also know for inducing better protein synthesis in the muscles. If you haven’t read about BCAA’s, then check this out here.

Fish oil is known for helping with this too (combining the two equals ULTIMATE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS!). This ensures that your protein is being put to good use and can help increase muscle mass and reduce muscle soreness after workouts. Therefore, fish oils help make you stronger and speed up your recovery so that you can get back in the gym and continue to go hard.

You can continue to go hard in the gym because the Omega 3’s in fish oil will reduce the amount of oxygen your body needs to do physical activities and reduce your heart rate, which will make your workouts feel a little easier.

Add all of these aspects together, and you’ve got yourself quite the little Super-Pill.

Find the Right Product

Fish oil has proven to work as a preventative supplement to stop these issues before they occur or an active supplement that can help with the issues if you’re currently experiencing them.

It is important to find the right product here, though. When it comes to fish oils you get what you pay for, so you definitely want to invest in the higher quality brands. These brands contain no mercury and provide a higher quality product, where the oil is coming from better fish.

Especially with the many benefits it provides, you want the best that you can get. Make sure to read reviews and ingredients on the products.

Boost your supplementation with these wonderful little pills that contain so many health benefits.


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