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Build Muscle With Creatine

Build Muscle With CreatineWhether you’re a bodybuilder, fitness model, or an individual looking to lose some weight and/or gain some muscle, you’re going to want to consume a pre-workout supplement on a consistent basis. This is because supplements boost your energy, increase your focus, and improve your strength. If you want to achieve the best results, supplements are essential. I’m going to be walking you through what you need in order to obtain this.

Supplements are important to your success, but they aren’t a magic substance that instantly makes you fit. They are called “supplements” for a reason, and are meant to supplement your workouts. If you aren’t actually working out, the supplements have nothing to supplement.

I’m going to split this up into four sections where I will be going over why supplements are important to incorporate before your workouts, the different supplements that you will definitely need, the different ingredients that you definitely don’t need, and the push to only purchase the best pre-workout supplements.


The Importance of Using Supplements

The fitness industry is trending right now. There’s no denying that. We are constantly bombarded with these fitness models on Instagram and attractive celebrities on T.V. I can guarantee that almost every single one of those individuals are supplementing in one way or another.

Supplementation can improve your workout and results. There’s a negative stigma against pre-workout supplements that they are unnecessary and that they only provide a small surge of energy, only to result in a crash like a free fall back down to Earth. Now this can be true for some pre-workout supplements (I can’t name names due to legal purposes), but I’m here to debunk this negative stigma by providing an opportunity for you to experience the positive effects of supplementation without the negative.

With the right pre-workout supplements you can boost your energy levels, increase stamina and endurance, prevent muscle fatigue, and the list goes (depending on which supplement you choose to take).

Now who doesn’t want all of that added to their workout?

The Must-Have Supplements

The three essential Pre-Workout Supplements:

  1. Creatine
  2. Beta Alanine
  3. BCAA’s

Creatine– this is easily the best and most popular dietary supplement when it comes to fitness. It is known for increasing strength and power, which is everything when it comes to lifting weights and staying in shape. It is also known for keeping your muscles hydrated, because it is able to pull water into your muscles (DISCLAIMER- because of this effect, it is important to drink more water than normal; otherwise the opposite effect can occur and dehydration sets in).


Beta Alanine- this is the supplement that is known for helping to prevent muscle fatigue and boost energy. It helps by fighting against any acid buildup in your muscles, which is helpful when performing an exercise, such as cardio, for longer periods of time. You can feel the effects of it very quickly once you take it.

BCAA’s– these are Branched Chain Amino Acids. These molecules are typically found in animal products, more specifically dairy products and eggs. They also help prevent muscle fatigue and helps with muscle recovery after the workout by decreasing muscle soreness. Even though they are more common in the regular food we eat, it’s important to include as pre-workout supplement to ensure that the proper amount is being consumed.

The Unnecessary Ingredients

Unnecessary Sugar

If you look on the label of a brand-name pre-workout supplement, you’ll find many ingredients that you can’t pronounce and are completely unnecessary. They cram their pre-workouts with fillers and different chemicals that may not be all that good for you. Companies can even use formulas with hidden ingredients to prevent you from even knowing what exactly you’re consuming.

There are also ingredients that you can pronounce and recognize, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good for you. I’m talking ingredients like corn syrup, Red #3, and caffeine. These ingredients are artificial and obviously not good for you at all.

When it comes to fitness and staying in shape, you want the best ingredients going into your body.

Stick to the Essentials- it might be cheaper

Do not sell yourself short by paying more for your pre-workout supplement. Do not give in to the marketing schemes of the popular pre-made supplements because they might hold you back and leave you only wanting more. Not to mention how expensive it is to purchase premade supplements.

I have found pre-workouts ranging in price from $40-$100. As a broke college student, I knew that I had to find a better option. So I did research and found each supplement that would help me in the gym. Then I bought the ingredients and mixed together my own pre-workout supplement. The first time I bought the ingredients I spent about $30 and they lasted for months, even after I was taking them almost every day with the proper dosages.

By buying only the best pre-workout supplements individually, in bulk, you can save money and pay for only the things you want. Why would you pay more for things that don’t actually help you in the gym, and might actually make your health worse? I encourage you to make the switch to, or starting with, making your own pre-workout supplement.

Already these basic starter supplements will provide you with increased energy, stamina, and focus; while also decreasing muscle soreness and fatigue. This is the extra boost you need to push yourself harder in the gym by lifting more and lifting longer. This is the extra drive you need to run faster and run further.

Achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank!

Create Your Success

I know that it’s hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym consistently and eat right. You may not even be seeing the results you wanted or hoped for. Using these pre-workout supplements may be the thing that boosts your work ethic and achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or a gym-veteran, you can benefit from consuming the right pre-workout supplements.

You will notice immediately the difference in your performance in the gym after consuming the proper supplements.


Work Hard and Create Your Success


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