The Importance of Pre-Workout Supplements – Please Read Before Buying!


It is no question that pre-workout supplements can be very important for overall fitness success, and there are many studies that support this claim. Their importance lies in the fact that they have the ability to boost your workouts by providing more energy, increased strength, reduced muscle fatigue, better protein synthesis, and any number of other benefits (depending on which supplements are used).

That being said, it is important to also know that these aren’t magical little powders that will miraculously turn you into Dwayne Johnson overnight, despite what some pre-workout supplement companies will tell you.

Realistic Outlook- These Aren’t Steroids

The fact of the matter is that building muscle takes time. That’s the ultimate goal, right? If we are building muscle in all the right places then our physiques will improve with our overall health and strength. At the beginning stage of your fitness journey, you might see significant muscle growth because your muscles haven’t been stimulated this much before. Eventually, though, these results will begin to plateau. This point is what sifts out the slackers and people who aren’t willing to put in the extra effort to continue to see results. Where some people decide to give up and be content with the results and lifestyle they have, I know that you aren’t like this and want what is best for your body. That’s why you’re here!

Using supplements can help in this process of overcoming the plateau because of their benefits I listed earlier. But it is important to know that these supplements aren’t steroids. Building muscle still takes a lot of time and effort, regardless of supplementation.

Be Aware of Marketing Schemes

Many companies will push their products onto consumers by promising that their supplements will provide you with insane results. They can make empty promises and provide misleading scientific information. Anyone who doesn’t fully understand how supplements work, or the correct dosage necessary to achieve the best possible results, might fall for these claims and invest in a product that doesn’t follow through.

A tactic that some pre-workout supplement companies use is “backing” their products with scientific research. They will take articles and studies involving certain supplements and claim that their product will provide you with the same results. These sources are cited very vaguely. What I mean by this is that a company could take a study that shows the benefits of supplementing with creatine, but let’s say the study only showed positive results when subjects consumed a certain dose. The company can take this study, cite it as a source that claims that creatine will provide you with these benefits, and then under dose the creatine within the product.

Because of this, you could potentially buy a premixed pre-workout thinking that it’ll benefit you positively, but since the dosage isn’t right, you won’t receive the best results. Not every company does this. There are some transparent pre-workout supplements that are open and honest about dosage, ingredients, and results. But it’s still important to do the research and learn about proper dosage, which ingredients to use, and the actual results of each product.

This is one of the reasons why getting the individual ingredients themselves is a better option, so that you have the control over the dosage amount and don’t have to worry about other companies overselling their products and results.

Put In The Work!

My goal is for everyone to understand that the best results on happen to those who are willing to put in the work. It is important for people to set (realistic) goals for themselves and stick to them. A healthy lifestyle does not start with a New-Years Resolution in January — and typically end by February. It must be a consistent and it must be progressive. You’ll see better results when you’re pushing yourself to increase the weight or increase the rep range within each set and workout.

Luckily supplements can provide the extra push and energy to do this, but the effort has to be implemented as well.

The drive has to come from you, though. You have the ability to be consistent, to increase your strength, your endurance, and your overall physique.

I can promise that if the effort is there then the results will follow. Some people become discouraged when they start to see the decrease in progress. This moment is so crucial because pushing through this obstacle can result in achieving the physique you’ve been dreaming of. It is something to really be proud of and will become the main motivation to stay consistent.

Make the Choice That is Best For You

Therefore, I advise that understanding how pre-workout supplements actually affect your body and their true benefits is crucial. If you have a general understanding of what they do and what they are, then you’ll be able to see through the deception of other supplement companies that make promises they cannot follow through with. At Creatine Creations, we offer many reviews and overviews of different pre-workout supplements in our Blog and Product Reviews section. We also offer an opportunity for you to build your own pre-workout mix in our Start Building page. Here, you’ll be able to find different products and their respective prices and sizes.

We aren’t saying that these supplements are magical little powders that will magically grow muscle overnight. We want to be real and honest with these products (which is why we give our own personal reviews, because we use them ourselves!).

If you’re ready to take control over your supplementation then please explore our website to learn how to do that.


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